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New Bicycle Recall Linked to Handlebar Defect

Approximately 3,800 Tikit Folding Bicycles have been included in a new recall due to possible handlebar defect. The defect could cause the person to lose control of the bicycle, and could pose a serious accident hazard to the bicyclist.

The bicycles were manufactured by Green Gear Bicycling Inc., and were sold by Bike Friday dealers across the country. According to Bike Friday, it is aware of several incidents in which the handlebar stems broke while the bicycle was in operation. This caused the bicyclist to lose control and fall off the bicycle. There have been several reports of injuries associated with the breaking handlebar stems, including at least 2 reports in which the person suffered lacerations, bruises and head wounds.

If you own a Tikit Folding Bicycle included in this recall, stop using the bike immediately, and contact the dealer for a free repair.

Bicyclists don’t always consider problems with bicycle design or manufacturing defects as a factor in an accident. Compared to motorist negligence, bicycle defects rank very low on the list, as far as their influence in causing accidents is concerned. However, bicycled defects are not unheard of. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issues several bicycle recalls every year for manufacturing and design defects.

For a bicyclist who has been thrown off his bicycle, it may not always be easy to understand that a defect in the bicycle that may have caused the accident. For this reason, it is important that you consult with a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer after an accident. It is also important that you do not discard the bicycle or any of the components of the bicycle after the accident. These components and the bicycle itself can provide vital evidence in your case.

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