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New High-Tech Aids for Your Bicycle

As a bicyclist, you are one of the most vulnerable users on our roads, with very little except your helmet protecting you from serious injuries in an accident. Fortunately, bicycles are getting more technologically advanced, and now do a much better job of helping you prevent accidents, than they did before.

Many bicycle safety technologies are especially designed to help reduce the risk of an accident. For instance, a relatively new innovation is the ICEdot, an app that works in collaboration with your smartphone. The sensor detects a bicyclist’s impact and motion. If it detects impact, it immediately sends a signal to contact 911. The app also sends an alert to all the names on your emergency contact list. Basically, this device ensures that a bicyclist is never really riding alone. Even when he is in danger, friends on his emergency contact list as well as emergency rescue services are immediately alerted. The device will also send emergency contacts as well as rescue services your GPS coordinates, so that help can be sent as quickly as possible and with minimum hassle.

Another must have for bicyclists these days is a more sophisticated GPS product. A device called BikeSpike helps you keep track of bicyclists, sending alerts in the event of an accident. The device is very popular with bicyclists in 2014 who want to ride not just a reputed brand name bicycle, but also one that comes with tech that enhances their safety Other new products are based on relatively old technology, with a new form, like bicycle horns that sound very much like car horns.

Bicycles are also getting smarter, and are now equipped with features that actually reduce the risk of accidents. For instance, new bicycles now come with features that help make it easy to slow down the brakes, and also make steering on a bicycle easier.

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