Bicycling Program to Create More Confident Bicyclists

Most bicycle training out there targets bicyclists who may need help getting back to riding on two wheels, or those for whom their last bicycling experience was back in school. However, one program offered by the American Bicycling Education Association aims at helping bicyclists become more confident bicyclists, and empowering them to share the roads equally with other users.

The Cycling Savvy program is a course designed by the American Bicycling Education Association, and is available across the country, including in the Southern California region. The Cycling Savvy program consists of three components. Each component lasts for about three hours each. The components include a class session, where a person is taken through the theoretical aspects of safe driving, a bike handling session usually conducted in a parking lot and where a person learns to understand his bicycle in depth, as well as an on-road tour which takes place in a more learning-based environment.

The point is not to make bicyclists aggressive. The aim of the program is to empower bicyclists, and make them strong enough to handle many of the challenges that they can expect to face while riding.

Many bicyclists have a fear of riding in certain situations, like when they suddenly enter an intersection with a lot of traffic, or when a motorist rides too close to them. In all these cases, there are steps you can take to keep your cool and handle the situation safely and responsibly. Cycling Savvy Study aims to polish your riding, and instill confidence so that you can handle any adverse situation with ease.

You can find a Cycling Savvy course in the California region too. Simply log on to the Cycling Savvy website, and look for a program near you.