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Ventura County’s Bicycle Laws Aren’t Enough to Protect Riders’ Lives or Wallets

Do you know which bicycle laws apply in Ventura County, specifically Oxnard? If not, better boost your biking IQ before that next ride. The local police frequently conduct random stops and the city has seen its share of fatal accidents too. One of the more recent tragedies took place in a popular cycling area on January 26th, 2016. In that instance, a vehicle backed over a cyclist during daylight hours.

How prevalent are random stops and bicycle accidents in the county? Let’s turn to the county’s bicycle safety report from last year. It’s presently the most current one available to the public. It clearly showed that close to 50 people died in biking accidents during an 18-month period alone. In our bicycle accident attorney’s opinion, that’s 50 to many.

In addition, it pointed out that although people are frequently detained by the police for related, bicycle law violations, there is precious little follow through going on. At least that was true until January 2016 when a number of riders found themselves on the wrong end of tickets. No word was released on how many motorists, if any, were also affected by the pre-planned sweep.

Interestingly enough, the previously mentioned report also noted that motor vehicle drivers in the area have a tendency to rear-end cyclists, which means that they were likely in violation of the 3-Feet Clearance Law of 2014. The bicycle law was created in response to county members’ previously voiced concerns but has yet to make an impact on motorists’ overall behavior. And sadly, rear-end collisions and others that involve motor vehicles often end with life threatening or altering injuries for cyclists.

Respected publication, The American Family Physician, previously published which types of injuries are likely to occur during such incidents. Among them are intracranial hemorrhage, parenchymal lung damage, facial contusions and splenic ruptures. Obviously, they may all prove deadly depending on the severity of the traffic accident.

This all leads avid cyclists to ask, “Is knowing and adhering to Ventura County’s bicycle laws enough to stay safe?” Sadly, they’re not enough. Accidents still happen and Oxnard cyclists need lawyers that will fight to protect them should an unfortunate turn of events leave them bedridden or dead. To find one familiar with the area’s cycling pathways, accident history and bicycle laws, please contact us today.

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