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Visibility is Crucial for Bicycling Safety

Every veteran cyclist knows that when it comes to bicycle safety, one of the biggest key aspects is being able to be seen. It is a long-standing misconception that cars will always notice bicycles, but merely don’t know how to deal with them. While cars might not know how to share the road safely with cyclists, sometimes they just plain don’t spot us until it is too late.

Even if it is a sunny day or you are wearing fluorescent clothing at night, there are times when a car can’t spot you. Fluorescents don’t always show up well during night-time rides and the sun can blind drivers to cyclists in certain circumstances. In order to be better seen on the road, consider these tips.

  • Wear reflectors and mount them on your bike
  • Front and rear lights are recommended and should be set in the flashing position
  • Use hand signals well ahead of time so the following motorist will know what you will be doing
  • Keep at least one ear free of headphones so you know what is going on around you
  • Use your cycling lights during the day as well

Combining these visibility and awareness tips with your standard bicycling safety tips like always wearing a helmet will work to help prevent accidents with vehicles, but sadly it doesn’t completely stop them from happening. There is still a long way to go before most drivers know how to properly share the road with cyclists, and until then accidents will happen. If you have been in a cycling accident in the Los Angeles area, contact us today. The Law Office of Gary Brustin is dedicated to being an advocate for the rights of cyclists.

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