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YouTube Video Shows Shocking Bicycle Accident in Los Angeles

California bicycle accident lawyers and bicyclists are very aware of the typical circumstances surrounding these accidents. It isn’t often however that the public gets to see an actual bicycle accident, especially one that clearly indicated how little respect motorcyclists and motorists sometimes have for bicyclist rights. A motorist recently managed to capture footage of a bicycle accident, and posted the video on YouTube.

The accident took place just outside Los Angeles, on a stretch of Mulholland Highway, and the video was taken by a motorcycle enthusiast and videographer. The stretch of Mulholland Highway has traditionally been very popular with motorcyclists, and recently, many bicyclists have also started using the stretch of highway. The videographer was capturing video footage of motorcyclists using the highway, including some of his friends, and managed to capture the accident footage by chance.

Accidents on this two-lane stretch of highway are not exactly unheard of, and very often, these are the results of motorcyclists pushing themselves beyond their limits, because the highway is basically empty, except for the motorcyclists. For the most part, there have been few bicycle accidents here because there are few bicyclists on this highway.

The video clearly shows the motorcyclist riding at a safe speed, and then hitting the two bicyclists. The footage clearly shows both the bicyclists minding their own business and following the laws of the road, riding on the very edge of the highway. Both of the bicyclists were thrown off their bicycles, and sustained injuries. The bicyclist who was hit first was dragged for quite a few feet, and sustained more serious injuries.

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