Should You Be Using Bicycle Mirrors?

No matter where you do it, bicycling allows for a lot of freedoms. You can modify your bike and any accessories to make it uniquely yours. However, one of the lesser used bicycle accessories is bike mirrors. These can be attached to your handlebars or poking out from your helmet.

Ideally, these mirrors allow you to see behind you in your blind spots so that you don’t need to shoulder check yourself all the time. After all, cars have mirrors for just that purpose, why shouldn’t bikes? Unfortunately, bikes and cars are two different vehicles. In a car, no one can see you checking your shoulder so you use mirrors and signals to do it. On a bike, you have your proper hand signals, but the act of looking over your shoulder is a good indicator that you might need to scoot over a bit to avoid a parked car. Mirrors take away the need for that.

However, bike mirrors are not without their benefits. Particularly during night-time driving, the reflective nature of the mirrors make it easier for cars to spot you.

But do you need bicycle mirrors as an accessory? Probably not. They have their uses, but more often than not, they make us forget the crucial shoulder check, and that can be dangerous. This lack of bicycling habits that have been formed for safety can cause terrible accidents. If you have been the victim of a bicycle-related accident on the part of another vehicle, you may have some legal action available to you. Contact us today to find out what options you have.

New Biking Dangers Put Americans’ Quality of Life in Jeopardy

If you enjoy biking, it pays to sit up and take notice of the recent headlines. In the last three months, a number of bicycles and bike accessories were recalled due to safety issues. As a whole, the safety issues were caused by a multitude of design flaws and manufacturing defects with the potential to cause cyclists bodily harm. The list of faulty components included, but wasn’t restricted to the following:

  • Bicycle Brakes and Rotors
  • Spindles and Seat Posts
  • Steering Tube Assemblies
  • Tow Bars and Handlebars
  • Pedals and Pedal Extenders
  • Suspension Forks and Wheels

Last autumn, Washington Post writer, Katherine Shaver, pointed out how dangerous biking can be in her column, Dr. Gridlock. She noted an increase in biking related deaths, which is supported by statistics available through Governing magazine, IIHS-HLDINHTSA and the CDC. Understandably, the deaths cause emotional turmoil as well as a potential loss of income for those left behind.

Other dated publications gave insight into the countrywide, financial repercussions of such tragic occurrences. Not surprisingly, they total in the billions. And those reports primarily looked at the indirect and direct healthcare costs associated with various accident outcomes, not income reduction.

Cyclists are entitled to know that the items they are purchasing are safe and defect free. They also have the right to enjoy the best quality of life possible. So those injured in biking accidents may have recourse against the designers, manufacturers and others behind the faulty products.  Furthermore, they may be able to inquire about restitution against additional people involved in the accident. Examples include but don’t end with trail designers, city maintenance departments and motorists.

To learn more about recovery options for people injured in biking accidents, please contact the Law Office of Gary Brustin. We will gladly review incidents that occurred in California as well as offer victims and their families counsel.

Bicycles Recalled for Brake Failure Risk

Part of your responsibility as a serious bicyclist is to keep yourself informed of any bicycle-related recalls announced by federal agencies. This helps ensure that your bicycle does not have any defective parts or components that can increase your risk of an accident.

A number of bicycle-related recalls have been announced recently by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Recently, the agency also announced the recall of a line of bicycle brake models due to the risk that these brake systems can fail, posing a serious bicycle accident risk. The products that are being recalled here are the SRAM Hydraulic Road Rim Brakes and Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is a defect in these brake systems which could cause the brakes to fail while the bicycle is in operation. California bicycle accident lawyers believe that there There is a serious risk that the bicyclist could be involved in a potentially injurious accident.

Approximately 25,350 units of these brakes are being recalled. The recall includes the SB Red Hydraulic Road Disc, SB Red Hydraulic Road Rim, SB 700 Hydraulic Road Disc and SB 700 Hydraulic Road Rim. These brake systems are used as either front or rear and brakes. For a more detailed list of the brakes that are included in the recall, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission web page. The bicycles have been manufactured by SRAM LLC, Chicago.

These malfunctioning brakes have been linked to several accidents, not just in the United States, but also abroad. Overall, the company has received at least 95 reports of brake failures in the United States alone. Out of these, one brake failure involved an accident that resulted in injuries.

The company is asking all owners of bicycles that come equipped with these defective brake systems, to immediately contact a SRAM dealer near them, and get the defective brake components replaced free of charge.

Bicycles Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of several models of bicycles because of a defect that could cause the bicyclist to fall off from the bicycle.

The bicycles are included in this recall are the 2012 Source Eleven and Source Expert Disc bicycles, that come with Supernova Switchable Dynamo Front Hubs. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the company, the defect is linked to a risk that the set screws in the front half of these bicycles can become loose. In such cases, the front wheel may stop turning and if this happens when the bicycle is in operation, then the bicyclist may be at serious risk of suffering a fall.

The company Specialised Bicycle Components Inc, has set up a toll-free number at 877-808-8154. Owners of these recalled bicycles have been asked to immediately stop riding them, and take them to an authorized Specialised dealer. The dealer will give a free replacement front wheel and new front hub. Thus far, there have been no accidents or injuries reported with these defective bicycles. However, California bicycle accident lawyers believe that the kind of injuries that are associated with this defect can be very serious. If a person is thrown off his bicycle when the front wheel stops turning while the bicycle is in operation, there may be a risk of serious injuries.

One of the things that bicyclists very often fail to do is to track federal safety agencies for recall involving bicycles. It’s important to be aware when there is new information being released about potential defects with your bicycle to stay safe. Most bicycle- related recalls are announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and you can sign up for alerts on the CPSC website.

Yuba Bicycles Recalled Due to Injury Hazard

A serious injury hazard on close to 1000 Yuba bicycles has resulted in a recall by the company. Thousands of Cargo Bikes distributed by Yuba Bicycles are being recalled due to the defect, which can cause the passenger’s foot to be caught in the wheel of the bicycle. This can cause a potential injury to the rider.

According to Yuba Bicycles which is based in Sausalito, California, these bicycles were manufactured in China. The company is aware of at least 2 reports involving passengers who got their feet caught in the rear wheel of the bicycle. However, neither of these incidents resulted in injuries.

The bicycles that are included in the recall are the Mundo V4 Cargo Bikes, which come with steel frames, aluminum fenders and a wooden utility deck. The bikes come in orange, black and blue colors. These bicycles were sold at Yuba dealers across the country and Yuba Bicycles online, between May 2011 and December 2012.

The company is asking all bicycle owners who own one of these Cargo Bikes to stop using the recalled bicycles immediately. If you are an owner of the Mundo V4 Cargo Bikes included in this recall, you are required to contact the company immediately to receive a free wheel cover/wheel skirt. These wheel covers/wheel skirts will be installed on the bicycle at no extra cost.

Sometimes, a bicycle accident may occur in spite of the best efforts of the bicyclist in driving safely, because of a defect in the bicycle. In fact, California bicycle accident lawyers have recently come across an increasing number of recalls involving bicycles that had to be pulled off the market because of an inherent defect and the potential to cause an injury.

More Than 12,000 Bicycles Recalled Due to fall Risks

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a number of bicycle-related recalls recently. California bicycle accident lawyers recommend that bicyclists keep themselves updated on the latest recalls of bicycles and bicycle components announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in order to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

In the latest recall, as many as 12,200 bicycles are being recalled, because of the potential defect that can cause the steerer tube in the front fork to break. This can pose a potential fall accident hazard to the bicyclist.

The bicycles were imported into the United States by Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., a company that is based in Morgan Hill, California. The bicycles were manufactured in Taiwan. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these bicycles have been involved in at least 2 accidents. In at least one of these incidents, the bicyclist fell off the bicycle, suffering facial injuries, and lacerations.

The bicycles included in the recall are the 2012 and 2013 model bicycles and frame sets which come in a number of colors. The bicycles were sold at Specialized retailers.

If you own any of the bicycles that are included in this recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises you to stop using the bicycles immediately. There is a serious risk of a fall accident that could even result in serious injuries.
Take the bicycle to a local Specialized Bicycle Components dealer for an inspection of the bicycle. The dealer will conduct a free repair of the bicycle.

Every year, the federal agency recalls thousands of bicycles for defective brakes, tires, gear shifts and pedals. Defects in any of these components can seriously increase a bicyclist’s injury risk.

New Bicycle Recall Linked to Handlebar Defect

Approximately 3,800 Tikit Folding Bicycles have been included in a new recall due to possible handlebar defect. The defect could cause the person to lose control of the bicycle, and could pose a serious accident hazard to the bicyclist.

The bicycles were manufactured by Green Gear Bicycling Inc., and were sold by Bike Friday dealers across the country. According to Bike Friday, it is aware of several incidents in which the handlebar stems broke while the bicycle was in operation. This caused the bicyclist to lose control and fall off the bicycle. There have been several reports of injuries associated with the breaking handlebar stems, including at least 2 reports in which the person suffered lacerations, bruises and head wounds.

If you own a Tikit Folding Bicycle included in this recall, stop using the bike immediately, and contact the dealer for a free repair.

Bicyclists don’t always consider problems with bicycle design or manufacturing defects as a factor in an accident. Compared to motorist negligence, bicycle defects rank very low on the list, as far as their influence in causing accidents is concerned. However, bicycled defects are not unheard of. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issues several bicycle recalls every year for manufacturing and design defects.

For a bicyclist who has been thrown off his bicycle, it may not always be easy to understand that a defect in the bicycle that may have caused the accident. For this reason, it is important that you consult with a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer after an accident. It is also important that you do not discard the bicycle or any of the components of the bicycle after the accident. These components and the bicycle itself can provide vital evidence in your case.